Aerotech Aviation was created by Doug Frix, a former airline pilot and Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue pilot, who had a desire to build a safe high quality flight training center which was both flexible enough to accommodate the specific pace and needs of each student and be affordable. In addition to being the best flight training center around, Aerotech Aviation provides many other commercial and not-for-profit flight services.  Please check back frequently and follow the exciting adventure as we grow and offer more and more services.

There’s no doubt, Aerotech Aviation offers the best value in flight training in Utah. If you’ve been dreaming of achieving your Private Pilot’s License, Instrument Rating, Commercial License, or ATP, you’ll want peace of mind that you’re receiving quality training from the best possible school in your area. Flight instructors who have flown professionally for years in real world scenarios will be at your side, guiding you step by step to that unforgettable moment when you pass your FAA Check Ride and become a proud pilot. It is a freedom that can only be described through the experience it’s self. Do it right here, right now at Aerotech Aviation.